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Are Indian Small Business geared for Cloud Computing?

MyOperator / Blog / Are Indian Small Business geared for Cloud Computing?

In single syllable, then the answer to your query is ‘yes’. India is very much ready to welcome cloud computing. Towards the last quarter of 2013,, disclosed that there is a growing demand for public cloud computing market for SMEs in India. The boot-up entrepreneurs are looking out for opportunities to integrate cloud computing with their business. The already established small and medium enterprises are also slowly gyrating towards cloud computing. They simply don’t want to be left behind and want to reap the benefits provided by cloud computing.

The Indian SMEs contribute to the overall economic growth, employment opportunities and modernization of infrastructure.  The BCG research 2013, revealed that the SMEs can create 1.1 million job opportunities and boost revenue of $56 billion, if more SMEs adopt cloud computing.

Why SMEs should adopting cloud computing?

Its cost effective– The boot-up entrepreneurs are always on the lookout for cost-effective and quality resources to run their business. Adopting cloud computing solutions help SMEs implement technology with ease so as to gain competitive edge.

Investment is less– Entrepreneurs are becoming aware of the fact that by implementing cloud computing, the cost of investment in hardware and software can be cut down drastically. By integrating cloud computing in the business, the cost of upgradation of the hard and software are taken care of by the service provider and the SMEs have to pay per use basis or subscription basis. Thus cloud computing is affordable for the cash-trapped Indian entrepreneurs.

SMEs are looking out for customized solutions– The requirement of one SME is different from that of another. Cloud computing provides customized services for the various verticals. This is cheaper than buying software and corresponding hardware to meet the requirements.

Flexibility, Scalability and productivity– The date can be updated and accessed 24 x 7×365. The data can be accessed from any mobile devices that are compatible with cloud computation. This saves money and time. Depending on the market demands, the entrepreneur can upscale or downscale his IT needs. Here the cost can be controlled.  Since the resources are centralized and the privileges can be set, it can lead to collaboration among remote employees.

The Indian government at the central and state are making cloud computing possible to not only urban entrepreneurs but also to those who operate in the rural India. Promotion of Information and Communication Tool (ICT)  applications is the making it possible for the SMEs to adopt the cloud computing tools and application even in the rural areas. The data connectivity in the remote areas is possible because BSNL (government run telephone and broadband providers) is providing broadband connectivity up to the taluk level. Similarly, the private companies are also customizing the cloud applications to suit the need of the Indian market in terms of applications and pricing.

This article is contributed by Maya Pillai. She is a professional Blogger with extensive research experience on SMEs.

Are Indian Small Business geared for Cloud Computing?

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