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Everything else you need to communicate with your patients. And more.

Ensure a 24*7 help for students and parents
Ensure a 24*7 helpline for emergency patient calls

Build a robust tele-healthcare system by using a cloud-based 24*7 multi-level IVR helpline number that patients can call anytime for health advice or consultancy and get answers right on the phone. On the single helpline number, you can add as many departments, doctors and staff members as your organization needs.

Ensure privacy and safety of students and teachers
Ensure privacy and safety of patients and doctors

Use the call masking solution to connect doctors and patients on call without letting them know each others’ personal numbers, keeping communication safe for everyone. Also, enable call monitoring with the call recording feature to audit calls and ensure that quality processes and guidelines are followed by your team.

Keep students and parents updated with outbound calls and SMS
Provide on-call telemedicine sessions

Let your doctors connect with the patients on call using a centralized outgoing calling solution for telemedicine sessions and automatically sync all call logs and recordings to the centralized system and maintain the entire records trail.

Improve teachers and team productivity and connectivity
Let patients book appointments on call

Map your departments and doctors on your IVR helpline number so that patients can book appointments using IVR facility without involvement of staff. And send them appointment reminders using the automated SMS facility.

Make form-filling paperless and convenient using voice
Make form-filling paperless and convenient using voice

Remove paperwork by allowing patients to fill forms using their voice by calling on the helpline and responding to IVR. They can also send you their problem details using a voicemail facility when all staff is busy. All info collected is saved in your patient database.

Everything else you need to communicate with your patients
Everything else you need to communicate with your patients

Data insights from call recordings, CRM integration to keep your database updated, cloud-based distributed call center, and 30+ other call management features will help you stay connected with your patients and manage all your calls smartly.