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How tollfree number attracts customers : Afton’s Experience

MyOperator / Blog / How tollfree number attracts customers : Afton’s Experience

About the Customer: Afton Fitness supplies useful and innovative Fitness equipment to homes and gyms across India, Singapore and Dubai.

The inevitable happened. Our toll-free number receives 76% more calls.

We opted for the tollfree number on an experimental basis. So, while we took a virtual number from VoiceTree, we also started alongside, an all India tollfree number. Our requirement was penned to using an IVR for:

  1. Separating Sales and Service calls for accordingly handling.
  2. Creating a positive first impression with an automated Welcome Message.

The inevitable happened. Our tollfree number receives 76% more calls.

So, while our virtual number graph looks like this:

Virtual number graph

Our toll-free number graph goes something like this:

toll-free graph

Toll-free is the number of choice for the Customers, and hence, for us.

Also, we double MyOperator Panel as a Contact Book for our Company. I enter the contact details of every new employee that joins! No Hassle!!

It has also been a comfort to know that next time someone asks for Faxing a document to them I can use the same panel. When I told my Business Associate that my Toll-free number doubles as my FAX number, Oh Boy, the look was interesting!

That’s about my experience with MyOperator. How is it working for you?

This article is Written By: Sumit Kalra, CEO, Afton Fitness.

How tollfree number attracts customers : Afton’s Experience

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