Outbound calling. Made simple, affordable, better.

A futuristic automated calling solution for better ROI and enhanced customer experience for your business.

Tracking all outbound calls

Track every outgoing call made by your agents in real-time providing you full control over your business calls.

Brand building with single outgoing number

Let all your customers know that it’s a call from your brand by integrating single outgoing number with Truecaller.

Bulk outbound calling

Do bulk outbound calling by uploading your contacts to the panel and making outbound IVR calls.

Recording all outbound calls

Record all outgoing conversation on our secured cloud and gain unique business insights with call audits.

Managing sales & support on-the-go

Get free Dialer App from MyOperator for all your agents and allow them to take care of calls on-the-go.

Measure and improve agents’ performance

Listen to sales team’s call recordings and find quality gaps to improve agents training, pitch, and performance

Smart biz insights with call reports

See number of calls, duration, location, and other patterns for your outbound calls and make informed decisions.

Enhance your sales pipeline

Automatically add all the missed calls in the follow-up queue and call them back in one click to win lost customers back.

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Connect with our dedicated service consultants who understand your business requirements in-depth and can recommend solutions best suited to your business needs.

Yes. It makes business sense too.

Hear it from our customers who’re already growing their business with MyOperator outgoing and see how you can use it too for improving your sales, support, and the bottom line.

Win lost customers

Get access to all your lost business calls, follow-up with one-click callback, and win lost customers.

Keep customers happy

Get your customers feedback with zero effort via automated IVR calls and make them feel heard and special.

Build a memorable brand

Create better brand recognition by using a single outgoing number for all your outbound calls.

Boost agent performance

Listen to call recordings and track calls to review agent performance and take action to improve sales pitch.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have listed here frequently asked queries regarding the MyOperator outbound service and how it can help your business. For further queries, please contact your MyOperator account manager or call us on +91 92129 92129.

Is outbound calling solution included with my current MyOperator plan?
Yes, outbound calling solution is included with your current MyOperator plan. You don’t need to pay any charges for activation or maintenance.
Outbound calls are charged at 92 paise per minute.
Jio is great for making personal calls. But for efficient and smart management of customer and business calls, you need advanced features like call recording, call tracking, call reports, centralized call management system for mapping all agents and monitoring their performance. All these business features are not available in Jio.
MyOperator Dialer App is an outbound dialer app that is connected to your MyOperator account. With MyOperator Dialer App, you and your agents can make outbound business calls conveniently using smartphones. It makes managing sales-support calls very easy. And all calls done with MyOperator Dialer App are recorded, tracked, and synced to your MyOperator panel which makes tracking agent performance easier.
We would love to give you a 1:1 demo. To book a demo, you can contact your MyOperator account manager or call us on +91 92129 92129.
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