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MyOperator offers a trusted cloud communication platform

for leading e-commerce, Direct to consumer(D2C) and retail businesses. Leverage our platform for:

Orders and Returns

Orders and Returns

On-call Orders

Activate virtual or toll-free numbers to let your customers book products on call. Integrate SMS to auto-send payment or followup links.

Cash on delivery confirmation

Verify COD orders and minimise returns through our automated on-call Cash on Delivery confirmation

Branding and Marketing

Branding and Marketing:

Missed Call Marketing

Engage customers with innovative missed call marketing. For example your customers can give you a missed call to get the offer of the day on a SMS.

Marketing Campaigns:

Run automatic outbound voice/ SMS campaigns to promote offers. Track marketing ROI through call analytics.

Brand Management

Ensure customers recognise your brand through a verified number. Leverage our Truecaller Integration to make your calls stand out.

Drive growth and amplify customer experience using WhatsApp

Drive growth and amplify customer experience using WhatsApp
  • Offer 1-on-1 conversational assistance to your customers in order to swiftly and effectively respond to their questions.
  • Start delivering outbound notifications in response to events for things like payment and transaction updates.
  • Send customers individualized, automated alerts after creating one-time or ongoing initiatives.
  • Configure your Facebook ads so that anyone who clicks on them is directed to your WhatsApp number.
  • Employ our AI-powered Bots to manage scale by answering questions and conducting intent-based exchanges in the follow-up.
  • Connect WhatsApp to the CRMs, payment gateways, and other services you favor.
  • Use real-time reports to monitor the metrics and performance of your employees.

Customer Service

Centralised IVR number

Deliver 24/7 customer service through multi-level IVR. Scale to handle any volume of calls.

CRM Integration

Integrate CRM and call management to ensure all customer calls are synced with their data for richer engagement.

Contact Center Setup

Set up a customer call center with our full-suite cloud call- center technology.

In-Store Customer Management

Equip remote in-store employees with our mobile dialer apps to track, make and record customer calls.

Orders and Returns

Delivery & Logistics

Delivery Tracking

Automatically inform customers of the status of their orders through outbound IVR or SMS.

Number Masking

Ensure customer numbers remain private with our number masking solution that can be used when delivering orders.

Customer Speaks


MyOperator not only efficiently catered to our given requirements but also simplified it further with their advanced features. Our call volume remains significantly high and we really appreciate how the MyOperator solution has been steady all this while.

Anuraag Tapkir

Recruitment Manager, Amazon

We needed a voice platform that could keep up with our business needs. MyOperator offered the exact and even more effective features we required, such as a centralized number and IVR. And, they certainly provided the best and finest onboarding experience we ever saw.



The MyOperator dialer app solved a key business problem for CaratLane - of tracking and auditing customer calls made by our on-store executives. We improved customer satisfaction and net promoter score by 40% after using this solution. Easy to use app and great support from MyOperator.

Aditya Nambyar

Manager, CaratLane
Lotus Herbals

An efficient, professional and seamless service. Earlier it was difficult to follow up on our missed customer calls. Now we don't face any such issue & customer complaints have been reduced which is quite an accomplishment in our business.

Lotus Herbals

Success Stories

How leading e-commerce, D2C and retail brands scaled with MyOperator

How MyOperator cloud-based call management technology made Amazon's hiring process seamless

How MyOperator cloud-based call management technology made Amazon's hiring process seamless.

Every day, Amazon receives thousands of job applications. For their HR team, it was a demanding process to sort through these potential applicants.They had to streamline their screening procedure in order to minimize the workload of their HR executives.

With MyOperator’s Call Management Solution, Amazon was able to achieve:

Easy availability of relevant data

Increase in on-call connect time between the candidate and the concerned HR professional, optimizing candidate experiences

State-by-state distribution of the applicant list to the hiring team

Equal distribution of candidates throughout the HR team's regional members

Effective call transfer with real-time updates

A significant reduction in HR's manual task handling process

How MyOperator helped CaratLane boost post-purchase follow-ups and CSAT score

How MyOperator helped CaratLane boost post-purchase follow-ups and CSAT score

Caratlane, India’s premium jewelry retail brand, required a solution to help track customer calls made by store-executives

MyOperator deployed the dialer app solution for Caratlane, enabling store executives to make calls on the go. The calls are auto-synced with a centralized dashboard helping Caratlane achieve the following outcomes:

Customer feedback collection improved by 80%

CSAT/ NPS improved by 40% after rolling out the dialer app for all its in-store executives/ managers.

How Magicpin Automated 70% Of Vendor Communications With MyOperator

How Magicpin Automated 70% Of Vendor Communications With MyOperator

Magicpin the premium local discovery start-up struggled to answer thousands of vendor queries on call. MyOperator worked with them to implement a cloud telephony solution that automated responses to common vendor queries, achieving:

100% growth in employee productivity

Improved vendor satisfaction score

70% reduction in manual calls

How Lenskart Achieved 10x More Efficiency in Customer Support

How Lenskart Achieved 10x More Efficiency in Customer Support

Lenskart, the eye-wear unicorn required a scalable cloud telephony solution with location intelligence and multi-store optimisation. MyOperator’s deployed their scalable communication cloud, multi-store solution and pincode based routing for Lenskart, achieving:

30% increase in their marketing RoI.

40% increment in customer calls

10X increase in efficiency and productivity of customer-facing professionals

How Clear Dekho scaled customer service with MyOperator IVR

How Clear Dekho scaled customer service with MyOperator IVR is a leading budget eyewear brand in India. It required a scalable customer care solution to handle hundreds of customer calls it received everyday.

MyOperator deployed a virtual helpline number along with an IVR for Clear Dekho that routed their incoming calls directly to their agents’ mobile phones. The solution helped Clear Dekho achieve:

38% increase in their customer calls after being able to attend multiple calls simultaneously

35% increment in their on-call orders received on a monthly basis.

How Lotus Herbals scaled marketing and sales through unified communications

How Lotus Herbals scaled marketing and sales through unified communications

Lotus Herbals markets their customer number on different online and offline platforms, therefore, have a huge volume of calls. Prior to MyOperator, they had traditional calling system implemented as their mode of business communication. Owing to its limitations, they were missing a significant number of customer calls and had zero analytics to track their campaigns.

MyOperator integrated an IVR, virtual number and analytics solution for Lotus Herbals, helping them achieve:

54% increase in their customer calls.

58% increase in their on-call deals/closures.

The Complete IVR and Call Management Features For Fast Growing Ecommerce and Retail

Single Business Number

Get a single branded virtual or toll-free number for your customer care.

Multi-lingual IVR

Welcome your customers in the language they speak. Localise your IVR greetings and prompts with our muti-lingual language support.

Cloud Call Center

Set up a complete contact center for your ecommerce operations with our sophisticated, AI-enabled CPAAS technology.

Vanity Number

Stand out with a memorable vanity business number with digits customized based on your requirements.

Call Masking

Implement number masking in delivery/ logistics to protect customer mobile number from being leaked or misused.

COD Confirmation

Deliver omni-channel communication. Automatically send SMS after every call to deepen customer engagement

CRM Integration

MyOperator IVR platform integrates with major CRMs helping you seamlessly manage leads, campaigns and customer engagement.

Truecaller Integration

MyOperator integrates with Truecaller to provide you numbers with verified calling and higher pick-up rates.

Store Solution

Automate and enhance customer service, order status checks, and more to increase team efficiency.

24x7 Support

Get dedicated support whenever you hit a snag or have any query using our IVR software.

Live Analytics and Reports

Track call performance for customer service, delivery agents, retail stores. Get daily reports on the number of calls placed, received, and missed.

Prime Reports

Manage your e-commerce business with MyOperator mobile-ready reports covering all business interactions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is IVR software?
IVR software is a cutting-edge technology that serves callers, collects their information from the IVR keypad menu, and then routes their calls to the appropriate recipient.
An IVR number is simply a virtual number with the addition of IVR. When you dial an IVR number, the voice message and IVR menu are played, and you can speak directly with the relevant departmental agent.
Customers and clients can call a toll-free number for free. Anytime, anyplace. MyOperator can provide you with an 1800 toll free number in less than 3 minutes.
  • It greets your callers with a professional voice greeting and connects them directly to the department/agent of their choice from the IVR menu. Overall, it improves caller satisfaction and speeds up on-call resolution.
  • With our real-time reports and dashboards, you can also track your website's call center activities in real-time.
  • Integrate your service with CRM using IVR to get a unified and holistic view of the customer data.
  • There is also a CallBack option.
  • With IVR you will be able to reduce the number of failed attempts by reducing cancellations and fraudulent deals. As a result, the costs of potential attempted deliveries will be reduced.
  • Using IVR to automate the verification process increases the operational efficiency of your company.
Toll free numbers can assist your business in providing 24 hour customer service, improving marketing campaigns, and tracking, recording, and analyzing all incoming calls. By using a toll free number, you can resolve customer inquiries more quickly and increase retention and revenue.
Toll free number also provides you several other benefits such as:
  • Allow customers to make toll-free calls.
  • With 1800 toll-free number Advantage, you can get more calls.
  • Up to 30% more sales
  • Marketing campaigns with a higher rate of recall
  • Enhance the brand's reputation and image
With MyOperator IVR solution, you can auto-confirm cash on delivery orders and maintain a dashboard of verified orders. This helps you reduce RTOs or Return to Origin for your e-commerce business.
The cost of IVR software is determined by the volume of calls received, the number of agents mapped behind, and a few other factors. Our detailed pricing can be found here.
Businesses that use toll-free numbers pay the cost of toll-free number calls. Businesses are charged per minute for each incoming toll-free call. Toll-free numbers do not incur any charges for callers.
Businesses can use WhatsApp to interact with their customers with WhatsApp API, a messaging tool. Businesses can send and receive messages, handle conversations, and keep track of them using the API.
Businesses must first register for and be approved for a WhatsApp Business Account in order to use the WhatsApp API. After that, they must connect their systems to the API by using the proper API driver. Once linked, companies can use the API to manage conversations, manage messaging, and monitor metrics.
There are several benefits of using the WhatsApp API for customer communication for your E commerce/Retail brand :

Reach: With over 2 billion active users worldwide, WhatsApp gives your e-commerce companies access to a sizable market.
Convenience: Customers can easily contact companies thanks to the widespread use of WhatsApp, which is accessible on a variety of platforms and devices.

Personalization: By utilizing features like message templates, rich media support, and end-to-end encryption, the WhatsApp API enables companies to customise their customer communications.

Automation: Businesses can automate some client communications with the help of the WhatsApp API, including sending notifications for purchase status, confirmations, and reminders.

Cost-effective: When compared to other forms of communication like SMS or phone calls, such as Skype, WhatsApp communication can be a cost-effective method for businesses to interact with their customers.

Engagement: Businesses can swiftly and easily engage with customers using WhatsApp's real-time messaging features, which can contribute to the development of stronger client relationships.

Easy to Track: Businesses can monitor the success of their communications and make data-driven decisions about their messaging strategy with the aid of metrics and analytics offered by the WhatsApp API.

Multi-language Support: WhatsApp supports multiple languages, which can assist e-commerce brands in providing better customer service to clients in various geographical areas.

It is crucial to keep in mind that WhatsApp contact is governed by the WhatsApp Business Policy. Failure to adhere to the policy may result in account suspension or termination.

Basic set-up costs are included. Chatbot set-up costs can be extra based on complexity.

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