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How to Strengthen Brand Trust with MyOperator & Truecaller for Business

MyOperator & Truecaller for Business
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There is no hiding here, your customers need a reason to choose your brand above the who knows how many other brands in your industry. Customers even claim that a “big name” is no longer enough to assure a healthy customer base. Is that true? Maybe.

Most corporate users nowadays rely largely on real-time communication. We live in a time where customer experience dictates the fate of your company. While there is a shift toward digital solutions, one technology that has revolutionized interactions is ‘cloud telephony.’

Cloud telephony helps you automate and scale customer communications through technologies such as IVR number and outbound dialling. But just calling customers is not enough. Customers now are inundated with spam calls and there is a chance they skip your call too unless it is properly identified. This is where the MyOperator – Truecaller for Business partnership can help you cut through the communication clutter and stand out to your customers.

According to a survey by Truecaller, which claims that scammers most commonly resort to banking ‘Know Your Customer’ for criminal activity, India leaps from 9th rank in 2020 to 4th this year in terms of spam calls as well as cybercrime.

Truecaller also reports that India has been among the top 20 countries for several years in terms of spam calls, with OTP and KYC scams being the most common.

“India has made it to the TOP 20 list of Global Spam reports of Truecaller for many years, KYC and OTP being the top trends owing to the rise of the digital economy,” says Kari Krishnamurthy, Chief Commercial Officer of Truecaller.

With the integrated Truecaller for Business – MyOperator call management solution like call center software, toll-free number businesses can improve their brand image and call efficiency with verified numbers and call information display.

This partnership between MyOperator & Truecaller for business can assist you in increasing client trust, call effectiveness, and overall strengthen your brand trust. You can acquire benefits from integrating Truecaller’s power into cloud telephony and find the ideal voice for your brand. Not just that, but you can also track caller location and run business-relevant analytics on it.

More hello, more sales

Businesses of any size can now rely on fail-safe branding goals with the assurance of a verified business caller ID. End-to-end business call center management system MyOperator partners with Truecaller for business to assist you in 

  • Increasing client trust
  • Improving call efficiency 
  • Solidifying your brand trust

Each month, over 320+ million individuals depend onTruecaller and MyOperator has earned the trust of over 7000+ clients and counting. What a match!

What makes MyOperator & Truecaller for Business an ideal match to strengthen your brand trust?

A verified business caller ID is all it takes for trust. MyOperator and Truecaller for Business gives you just that and more.

MyOperator & Truecaller for Business Partnership
  • Now you can start making every business call more personal. Grab this opportunity to inform your customers that it is you. How convenient is that?
  • This collaboration offers you the space to guarantee better call efficiency and stand out from the crowd of questionable calls.
  • We got you protected by limiting user community edits to name, logo, and tag.
  • Boost business engagement by explaining why you are calling your customers.
  • Get the chance to obtain customer feedback and improve the user experience by identification into each and every business call.
  • Your priority is our goal, assist your consumers in identifying crucial calls with priority caller IDs
  • Take a step closer to building your brand. All you need to do is include a verified business tag to increase client trust.
  • Say goodbye to the ‘burn in a hole in your pocket’ situation with programs best suited for you at a budget-friendly cost!

Universal truth, trust takes a while to develop, yet it can be shattered in a matter of seconds. It’s easy for your business number to be grouped in with other unidentified calls. The drawback here is that with the frequency of such calls increasing, the call engagement rates will drop.

Fear not, we are here to rescue!

To assist businesses in combating this issue, MyOperator has collaborated with Truecaller for Business to make it easier to use its Verified Business Caller ID service through the partnership.

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