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3 Reasons Why Call Tracking Is A Must For Your Business

Business Call Tracking can get you more business
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Measuring business growth is important for any organization. This one aspect enables you to understand whether your business is gaining or draining. Also, the major decisions you take for your business depend on the growth that you achieve and the investments you make for your future plans.

Here’s the question: How do you measure this growth?

One way of doing it is to count the number of converted customers or count those potential leads.

Customers contact an organization in different ways, but 52% of the people “call” companies to solve their problems or buy products. Also, it has been observed that a phone lead is worth 5 to 10 times more in revenue than any web lead.

This calls for a major action, i.e. Call Tracking!

Call Tracking has so incredibly worked for businesses that secure more conversions through telephone interactions.

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With call tracking, you can:

Track customer insights which can help you to strategize your product design and later help you take important decisions for the organization in the future.

Track growth rate, which simply means the tracking those customer calls after each marketing campaign and counting the number of successful conversion and the ROI generated out of it.

Track customer database, which means tracking of the customer phone numbers and creating a customer database out of it to reach them back, when required.

MyOperator, your business call management system is a smart call tracker too! Business calls act as the gateway to shape your business. It lets you understand the market scenario, customer preferences and a lot more than what is visible in literal sense. MyOperator a leading call center software helps you track the customer journeys or the call leads.

Previously, I had discussed about how MyOperator call tracking helps in Remarketing. Today, I shall list down the benefits you may enjoy with MyOperator call tracking. Here they are:

1. Never miss a call: Every missed call is a missed opportunity for your business. With MyOperator call tracking you can track all the incoming calls, whether you are outside or within the office premises.
There are possibilities when the office hours are over, you might still receive calls that go unchecked. MyOperator a leading cloud call center would help you step into this paradigm and get you valuable information even if you have missed a conversation.

2. Follow up with the callers: Though your calls are effectively tracked and you end up knowing the information of the callers, it is also important for you to follow up with them as a token of acknowledgement. MyOperator an IVR service provider helps you to set reminders of the calls tracked so that you can follow them up by calling them. This way you are able to grab those callers without missing them.

3. Analyse your ROI metrics: Call tracking is the most affordable source of information. It helps you gain knowledge from the customer calls you get after you are done with a marketing campaign. Call tracking can help you identify the potential in unreachable areas and help you target future marketing strategies. With MyOperator call tracking you can receive daily / weekly/ monthly call analytics. This will help you evaluate the performance of business across verticals.

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3 reasons why call tracking is a must for your business

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