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Bigin CRM + MyOperator Offer

Get Rs 10000 FREE Credits on Bigin CRM

Ideal for small businesses

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Zoho CRM + MyOperator Offer

Get 200$ Credits on Zoho CRM

Ideal for Mid-sized businesses

Avail Offer
SalezShark CRM + MyOperator Offer

Save 20% on Salezshark CRM

Ideal for SMEs

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CRM integrations Zoho


Provide an upgraded customer service experience by notifying your team about the customers’ history or other relevant data through screen pops during calls, click-to-call, and many more.

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CRM integrations Zoho PhoneBridge

Zoho PhoneBridge

All outgoing and incoming calls from your business numbers will be automatically integrated into your Zoho products to amp up your sales and customer interactions with Zoho PhoneBridge


CRM integrations Bigin by Zoho CRM

Bigin by Zoho CRM

Move beyond spreadsheets and get a cost-effective, mobile-first CRM and call solution for your micro to small sized business with Bigin by Zoho CRM and MyOperator.


CRM integrations SalesForce


Initiate click-to-call directly from your Salesforce panel. Simplify and automate activity management including lead creation for fuss-free business communications and focus on other things you’re best at.

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CRM integrations pipedrive


MyOperator’s integration with Pipedrive works seamlessly to manage your sales pipeline. The sales calls are tracked using MyOperator’s call tracking feature and shown in your CRM. This ensures proper functioning of all the probable sales related issues.

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CRM integrations kreato


Kreato CRM along with MyOperator helps your marketing, sales and support team initiate and track your on-call communications which get automatically listed in your CRM. You can easily check your customer calls and follow up on the missed ones as per your requirement.

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CRM integrations Corefactors


Empower your sales team of any-sized business to make outgoing calls to prospects and capture all the incoming calls 24 X 7. Also, all support calls to the MyOperator number can be created as a ticket in Corefactors CRM Teleduce to resolve customer queries faster.

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CRM integrations freshdesk


Integrating Freshdesk with MyOperator significantly improves your customer support experience. Customer queries on calls are raised as tickets on your Freshdesk platform. This helps in documentation of the query requests and enhancing customer service.

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CRM integrations salezshark


Monitor every incoming and outgoing call activity of your team during the sales cycle. Their call activities automatically get populated in your SalezShark CRM and you can see all the relevant data in one place.


CRM integrations leadsquard


Easily manage your sales pipeline with Leadsquared and MyOperator. All calls that come to your Sales department through MyOperator are automatically captured.

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