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Telecom: Then and Now!

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They say, Rome wasn’t built in a day and rightly so. The telecom sector has evolved from using smoke and drums to telephone and internet. This ongoing journey has already spanned almost two centuries. Necessity drives invention and this is the primary reason the telecom industry has progressed and will continue to do so. With the advent of internet, expectations have grown manifold. People expect the internet to help them stay connected even with the dead. Well, that maybe expecting way too much, at least at the moment!! Jokes apart, internet hasn’t disappointed either. As of now, the whole telecom environment is looking at the ‘next big thing’ on the scene, ‘Cloud Technology’.

Today a Cloud connects everythinh
Today a Cloud connects everything

Man has always devised everything according to his needs. So, when he felt he had to communicate with somebody far away, he started using ‘the smoke signal’ and ‘drums’. A little ‘Dum-Dum’, here and there, solved the purpose then. This was just the beginning though, nobody had ever imagined that this small communication medium would transform into something colossal, that would leave an indelible mark in history. The foundation of telecommunication was laid by Samuel Morse’s successful innovation, the Telegraph, in 1844. The Telegraph, was a major breakthrough in communication technology and was widely accepted. But, there is no stopping the human curiosity and this is what led to the invention of the Telephone, which changed communication in a way nobody had ever imagined before.

Smoke and Drums being used as means of communication
Smoke and Drums being used as means of communication

According to the data in the archives, the first fully intelligible telephone call occurred on March 6, 1876, when Bell called to his assistant in the adjacent room,speaking out, “Come here Watson, I want you”. Bosses are now adept at using the telephones for the same purpose. Damn Bell!!

The idea that people could hear each other’s voice over a long distance also, left everybody dumbstruck. This model of one-on-one telephone call was later extended to form a telephone system called ‘exchange’, which was used as a means of communication between many people who had telephones. The exchange had a group of operators who answered the incoming telephone calls and connected them manually to the desired destination. The Telephone was successful in making communication efficient as well as faster.

An exchange operator, manually connecting the calls
An exchange operator, manually connecting the calls

Then, came a thing that would change the world forever, the Internet. Internet could do almost everything. Anything, was now just a click away. Internet formed an alliance with the telecom sector and that came to be known as VoIP. Voice over Internet Protocol reduced telephony costs drastically. Now, a person in US could talk to a person in India at local telephone rates as compared to conventional telephony systems in which he had to pay ISD call rates.

The Indian telecom sector too has seen the flowers blossom. It has witnessed this change, though gradually, but holistically. Starting from the telegraphic and telephonic systems in the 19th century, the field of telephonic communication has now expanded to make use of advanced technologies like GSM, CDMA and WLL to the 3G and now the 4G technology.

Time has come when the telecom sector joins hands with the most hyped ‘next big thing’, the Cloud technology. With players like VoiceTree in the market, the whole process has been made simpler. With the increasing internet penetration, it is time for everything to move onto cloud. Voice telephony over Cloud is an efficient way for companies to save their setup costs exploring newer ways to milk the voice network. VoiceTree, with it’s technical expertise and unmatchable customer support is helping in this smooth transition.

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