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Professional Voice IVRs are increasing customer appetites

Food and Hospitality industry depends on IVR
MyOperator / Blog / Professional Voice IVRs are increasing customer appetites

If you are residing down south you’d probably know Bakasur. But for those in northern side of India it’s a must visit. KK Eateries Pvt. Ltd, has its online ventures BAKASUR in Bangalore. It’s value is further enhanced when it is the only few restaurants in Bangalore, where they do not use artificial colors, seasonings or any other kind of adulterants.

Despite all things working for them customer responses were still luke-warm.

[pullquote align=”right”] Yes! waiting for a table could be a big turn-off while you are all dressed for a dinner. [/pullquote]

“Big tables, giant furniture, unique china, live music and yummy food ! We were a group of 7 and this was our first visit to Bakasur. I had heard a lot about this place and was eager to try it.We ordered both veg and non veg food and few drinks. All items were served well on time and were delicious. The only complain i would have is that we had to wait approx 40mins to get a table. The staff was very helpful and even though we were the last guests to leave they were serving us properly and without any delays,” reviewed Suvandra Tripathy.

Yes! waiting for a table could be a big turn-off while you are all dressed for a dinner.

Hospitality sector requires customer trust, perhaps more than any other sector. Customers have a long-list of requirements, and they rightfully should make use of every penny spent. KK Eateries try to improvise and improve as promising a trouble-free dining comforts . Now, began brainstorming sessions and some the soluble problem areas were categorically identified:

  • They faced lots of problems to interact with customers, approaching them online.
  • Their own number was constantly busy.

  • They were in need to build brand stability into the market which put strong impact on customers.

Therefore the venture looked for a cool customized IVR (Interactive Voice Response) solution to interact with customer on its one number that should be displayed on its website and other marketing campaigns.

myoperator performance

Here’s where MyOperator came in the picture and got the solution that gave them a professional voice IVR as per their requirements. KK Enterprises opted for a MyOperator Toll free number and floated it across all their customer touch points.

  • The client’s were pleasantly surprised by the amazing welcome message.
  • They now could make reservations, complaints, feedback and touring bills on this one stop number.
  • Apart from the smooth services rendered the customer has the feel good factor of talking to the very professional IVR set-up too.

[pullquote align=”right”] The client’s were pleasantly surprised by the amazing welcome message. [/pullquote]

This simple addition provided the business  a strong customer interaction and helped them analyze their revenue and leads. Hence, IVR as always helps in complete brand-building.

After the incorporating IVR services; trouble free dining solutions were provided.There was no rocket-science involved. All that was required was a easily accessible number, which aided making the bookings and now the restaurant staff could hassle-free concentrate on client’s requirements.

The entrepreneurs got away with a over bogged down number, along with customer information and smilingly fresh consumers ready to hit the table.

“Definitely one among the best lunch buffet restaurants in town. The buffet spread is huge, at least compared to many other restaurants around. The live chat counter makes the spread even more delicious. The place is crowded around lunch time and so, its better to go with a reservation. There were some interesting desserts and delicacies in the spread. We were about 12 of us and everyone liked the food. After all it is managed by Chef Ravi and Mr. Animesh. All is 5/5,” says the very satisfied Reshav Kandhawa.

This article is contributed by Aakaanksha Singh. She is a professional Blogger, columnist and an author.

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Frequently Asked Questions

IVR customer experience refers to the interaction customers have with an Interactive Voice Response system, a technology that allows automated communication with callers. It’s crucial as it shapes the first impression customers have of your business and can greatly impact customer satisfaction.

To enhance your IVR customer experience, focus on creating clear and concise voice prompts, organising menu options logically, and providing self-service solutions for common inquiries. Regularly update your IVR system to reflect current offerings and address customer needs.

You can boost your IVR system’s performance by integrating Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities to understand and respond to more complex customer requests. Additionally, offering personalised options based on customer history and preferences can make the IVR experience more engaging

An improved IVR system can enhance sales by providing callers with quick access to product information, special offers, and promotions. Implementing a Visual IVR, which offers visual menus and options on smartphones, can make the sales process even more engaging and streamlined.

Make sure your IVR system is user-friendly by using simple and jargon-free language in your prompts, limiting the number of menu options, and providing an option to speak to a live agent at any point. User testing and gathering feedback can help refine the system’s usability.

A Visual IVR enhances the IVR experience by displaying visual menus and icons on a caller’s smartphone. This enables callers to navigate options more easily and even select choices by tapping on the screen, making the process faster and more intuitive.

Avoid common pitfalls by not overwhelming callers with excessive menu layers, keeping menu options relevant and up-to-date, and ensuring that callers can always exit the IVR and connect with a live agent if needed. Complex language and unclear prompts should also be avoided.

An enhanced IVR system contributes to customer satisfaction by reducing wait times, providing quicker access to information, and allowing customers to resolve simple inquiries without agent assistance. This convenience and efficiency can leave customers with a more positive perception of your business.

Certainly! You can improve sales using Visual IVR by incorporating clickable product catalogues, visual product demonstrations, and easy-to-follow purchasing options. Providing a seamless transition from visual menus to the purchasing process can encourage customers to make a purchase.

Regular updates are essential to keep your IVR system relevant and aligned with customer expectations. Aim to review and refresh your IVR prompts, options, and self-service capabilities at least every six months, or more frequently if your offerings change often.

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