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Product update: Enhancing MyOperator voicemail feature

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We at MyOperator have always strived on simplifying user experience at all levels. We try to eliminate all probable problems for our customers using our services and provide them with the best possible experience with our solution. 

With this objective of easing our User Interface and User Experience, we have updated our voicemail notification feature.

As you know about our voicemail facility which allows your callers to leave a voicemail in case no agent is available to take their call. That voicemail message is then sent to you through mail on your registered email id.

What was the need for the update?

Prior to this update, voicemail notification email could be delivered only on the super admin’s email ID. In many scenarios, the super admins don’t directly take care of the voicemails. The users, who in most situations are responsible for handling these voicemails, couldn’t get these emails directly. 

These emails could be at times 10 or even 100, considering the call flow of your business. As a result, these emails had to be manually transferred to the team responsible for taking the action.

Needless to say, it resulted in the unnecessary manual task of the super admin and also led to delay in timely response to the voicemails. 

What is the update?

The voicemail notification can now be received on any existing user’s email id, selected by the super admin of the account. 

The super admin will have to simply select the email id of the user from the dropdown menu and all the further voicemail notifying emails will be sent on the respective email id.

This update was introduced with an intention to significantly save the efforts of super admins to hear and forward the voicemail to the concerned agents, and also, to entitle the users to take timely responsive action on the voicemail.

Note: The feature was earlier available only for accounts with multi-level IVR, it has now been launched for accounts with single-level IVR as well. 

What are the benefits of this update?

1. Faster responsive action

As the concerned agent/team will now directly receive the voicemail, it will enable them to take the respective action at the earliest. Be it regarding a callback request from a prospect or issue faced by the existing customer, the concerned team will be entitled to react accordingly as soon as they receive the voicemail on their email id. 

2. Time-saving for Super admin

Earlier, super admins being the supervising heads of the organization used to receive all the voicemail notifications on their email id. They had to then forward the emails to the concerned team. This update will significantly save time and effort of the head to take action on these voicemails.

Questions? Reach out to your account manager or sign up for a demo to check our service!

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