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Improving call efficiency and customer satisfaction is more challenging than it seems for today’s business world.  There are a number of tools available, but these talented entrepreneurs must be guided on the right strategy for their business-environment; if they hope to enjoy the benefits.

Fortunately, call management has a new resource for information that can improve these activities within their specific businesses. Our blog has always aimed at assisting employers.

The call center recording software available today makes it much easier to measure and improve the critical performance indicators, including average revenues per call. Comprehensive records capturing hits and misses allows for accurate strategies and making necessary changes as per convenience.

One of the key purposes for monitoring calls by the IVR is to ensure quality standards are maintained. Which the employers can randomly monitor the likelihood of capturing an accurate interaction is increased. At the same time, monitoring calls and reviewing the outcome is a perfect tool to ensure employees adhere to speed requirements. Every call cost money and agents should be catered on the best and most expedient methods to resolve a customer call.


An increasing number of small and midsize businesses are facing the choice of how to upgrade their voice and data networks. But small and midsize businesses don’t change technologies on a whim. Many decision makers are often the business owners themselves, which makes technology decisions feel much more personal.

With cash flow a constant issue, the millions of small and midsize businesses worldwide don’t want to replace their network systems until something drastic is needed. They usually need to have a compelling event. Understandably true for their constraints. However with certain baby steps big results can be achieved.

Remember,the size of the company does not dictate their path; the attitude does. Although most small and midsize businesses change technology only when absolutely necessary, VoIP-enabling technologies are on the rise. Obviously companies have felt the compelling need to mind their calls in order to keep apace with rising business prospects.


While call monitoring is used for compliance purposes within a number of industries that rely on IVR interactions with customers or consumers, there are other and more compelling reasons why businesses consider call management investment worthwhile.

  • Trained Staff – The welcome message will be the hit-point of a probable business association. IVR trained personal throw the impact to hit the right chord.

  • Random Quality Assurance – it’s difficult to drive performance improvements organization-wide if employees know when they will be monitored. Random use demands high quality at all times and keeps the employees on toes to deliver.

  • Lower Costs – cost containment is a key motivation for undertaking IVR services.

  • Self-evaluation– Business can self access their performance. Call  recording makes that happen.

  • Complete view of customers- Instead of having indirect  client information, your  team will have one complete picture by the records of IVR therefore allowing you to easily create stronger customer relationships.

  • Increased customer satisfaction- The information obtain can be analyzed within the system to provide reports and data which can then be used to create a product that matches or exceeds expectations.

Call management can accomplish a lot in terms of quality customer care, performance improvements and cost containment when automated call recording is in place. The benefits are measurable and the impact far-reaching.

IVR success stories have led to consistent growth of their associated businesses and have made it an inseparable part of any business that aspires to grow. Once IVR supported by cloud technology  is introduced to a small or midsize business, the door is open to integrate business applications to make small and midsize businesses as technology-efficient and productive as possible.

This article is contributed by Aakaanksha Singh. She is a professional Blogger, columnist and an author.

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