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Introducing MyFax!!

MyOperator / Blog / Introducing MyFax!!

After a Good-Bye to Telegraphs its time to redefine FAX.
With this we launch our latest product:




It is a simple method to send FAX through e-mail. All you need to do is, send an e-mail and Voila!! your FAX is sent!

When we gifted this facility to one of our clients, they went like, “Alright, then what do you charge?”
Well, for now, “Nothing!”
So, you mean an actual FAX will be sent?
Yes, it will be sent. Your receiver will receive the FAX, just like old times.

But why e-mail?
Every technology has a constraint. If you have a soft copy for a document, imagine (or recall) printing it out just to send it as FAX!
And yet FAX is necessary because the receiver might want it in a physical page.

So you get the e-mail advantage of saving sender’s time and FAX advantage of receiving it on paper.

Here is how it works:

It is that simple! And did I mention, we are offering it for Free ?!
To start with your free service, Register Now!!

As an afterthought, don’t you think FAX will be faced out sometime soon and e-mails will take over completely?
Share your views in the Comments below.

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