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Announcing MyOperator chrome extension [BETA] for swift business communication

MyOperator / Blog / Announcing MyOperator chrome extension [BETA] for swift business communication

We strongly believe in introducing new product features that can give an improved user experience. After consistent brainstorming, we decided to introduce a feature that can not only make it easier for users to connect with potential customers but also give them the flexibility to initiate customer communication hassle-free.

So here we are! It gives us immense pleasure in announcing our new MyOperator chrome extension (beta) for quick and prompt business communication. 

Reason for launching this extension?

Earlier while placing the calls from the live panel, users had to initiate the call by click to call button available on the dashboard. This was the only way through which users were able to place the calls through the live panel. It was basically, used to help businesses keep a track of the outgoing customer calls placed by their agents.

What’s new?

Your “Click to call” feature has got a chrome extension.

Yes, you heard it right! Now you can access your click to call feature through this brand new chrome extension. Earlier while accessing user click to call feature, users have to log in to the panel and then only was able to place the calls. 

Now with this new chrome extension, it is easier for agents to quickly initiate the call to their customers by simply clicking on that number mentioned on any tab on their desktop.

In fact, the extension has also simplified the data overview process. Users can directly get notification regarding their call logs on any ongoing call as a popup. 

Basically, it is launched with an aim to provide a way which could be a big-time saviour for business agents involved in attending customer calls.

What are the benefits of the chrome extension?

Here’s enlisting some of the most amazing benefits for the call extension feature:

Live call notification on your browser:

With this feature, users can directly see the live call notification, including call logs, duration of the calls, number of calls connected, user name and call duration and live call transfer info, on their screens. 

This helps users to directly navigate to the major notification with just one simple click. It will also help the users to stay up to date with the important information. 

Now placing calls is just a click away:

With this feature, users can directly place the calls from any website they are visiting. Interesting, isn’t it? Now it doesn’t matter which website you are currently on, you can simply click on the MyOperator chrome extension and directly place the call right there using the extension.  

This process will simplify the way users used to place the call previously. This feature has enhanced the user-call placing process and has given the end-users the top-notch facility to save extra time and energy in placing the calls.  

How can I get MyOperator chrome extension?

You can download your call extension by clicking here. 

Note: This feature is currently available only for cloud call center account users of MyOperator.

For further information, feel free to contact your account manager anytime.

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